Working on version 2.1, here's what to expect

I've begun work on Version 2.1 of SongTweeter.  This will be mostly bug fixes but I will try and work one or two new features in if I can manage it.  Here's what to expect:

  • Better sharing: You will now be able to upload album art to's built-in file storage area, rather than  Also the share box will now include a preview image.  Finally you can choose to share your location on if you so desire.
  • Auto sharing: A way to automatically share what you're listening to without having to show the message editing box.  I'm still working out (A) whether this is possible and (B) how to implement this.  But I hope to have this in the next release.
  • Other misc. bug fixes

I'm hoping to have the next version of the app out within the next few weeks.  I will post updates here as things progress, so stay tuned!

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