Tip: Having trouble posting to Twitter?  Try deleting and re-adding your Twitter account

Twitter screen

This weekend I received an email from a SongTweeter user who was having trouble posting to Twitter. She kept getting an error message saying that it couldn't connect to Twitter; however other Twitter apps on her phone were still working.  After going back and forth with her to diagnose the issue, we determined that her Twitter account details somehow got corrupted.  Simply deleting and re-adding her Twitter account solved the problem.  I've actually seen this happen before.  And the reason her other Twitter apps still worked was probably that they kept cached copies of her authentication data which were still valid.

Anyway, if you ever have trouble posting to Twitter, try these simple steps.  From the program launcher screen (grid of icons), tap Settings, then scroll down and tap Twitter.  Tap the Twitter account you're having trouble with, then tap the big red "Delete" button.  Finally tap "Add Account" and re-add the account you just deleted.

This advice also applies to other account types too, e.g. Facebook and App.net; so if you ever have trouble posting to those services, you might want to try this too.  Facebook account data is stored in the iOS system, so to get to it, tap the Settings icon and scroll down until you see Facebook.  App.net account data is actually stored in SongTweeter's app data storage area; to reset your App.net account, start a post to App.net, and at the bottom left of the post window you will see a "Log Out" link.  Tap it, then the next time you try and submit a post to App.net, you will be asked to log in again.

By the way, please contact me if you have any trouble with the app, or if you have any comments or suggestions on how to make it better.  Doing so is simple; just tap the Options button (gear icon in the upper left of the screen), choose About, and tap the "Send Feedback/Suggestions" button.  Note that if you are having trouble, stating the problem as clearly and with as much detail as possible will definitely help.  Also it would help if I know what kind of device you're using (iPhone 5?  iPad mini?  iPod touch?) and what version of iOS you are running.  To check the version of iOS, tap the Settings icon, then tap General, then tap About, and scroll down to where it says "Version" - this is the version of iOS you are currently running.

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