New Feature: Song Change Detection!

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When I was working on the most recent release of SongTweeter, I came up with a cool (at least I thought so) feature, Show in Notification Center, that would, as its name implies, add a banner to Notification Center to make SongTweeter easier to access from outside the app.  Unfortunately Apple didn't like this feature and rejected the app.  Since that time I've been trying to think up a way for SongTweeter to be easier to use when it's not the frontmost app, and I think I've finally hit upon a way that,  hopefully, Apple will be more willing to accept.  And thus I present to you the new Song Change Detection feature.

With this new feature enabled, SongTweeter will continue to run in the background after you switch away from it, and will detect when the currently playing song changes.  When this happens, it will display a notification, which if tapped, will instantly fire up SongTweeter and let you share what you're listening to!

Unfortunately, due to restrictions imposed by Apple on apps that run in the background, you must relaunch SongTweeter every 10 minutes or so for it to continue to detect song changes while in the background.

However this may change once iOS 7 is released.  Because iOS 7 supports new multitasking modes, it may be possible for SongTweeter to periodically "wake up" and check for song changes, with no restrictions on running time.  (Disclaimer: I am still experimenting with iOS 7, so I am unsure if this will work.  Also iOS 7 is still in beta, and it is possible that its features and APIs may change between now and when it is expected to be released this fall.)

I'm also still working on the Auto-Share feature I spoke of in our last update.  Basically, if enabled, this feature will let you instantly share what you are listening to, without the confirmation dialog.  (Of course this also means you can't edit the text you want to share before sending it)  Work on that is still progressing and it should be included in the next release.

Speaking of which, by now you're probably wondering "when will the next release come out anyway?!"  I'm afraid I haven't the slightest idea.  In case you haven't heard, Apple's developer website was recently hacked.  This left the Apple developer site down for a good chunk of time.  While the site is (finally) fully online once again, this outage has affected App Store approval times.  So even if I could submit the next version of the app right now, it would be delayed for quite a while apparently.  And I'm nowhere near ready to submit the app just yet.  There's still quite a bit of coding (and, more importantly, testing) to do before the app can be submitted to Apple for review.  Hopefully by then Apple's app store approval time will have returned to normal.  Anyway, rest assured that I am moving as fast as I can on this, and I will definitely keep you up to date as to how things are progressing.  So stay tuned!

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