Is anyone having trouble with prefix and/or suffix text not showing up?

Hi everyone.  First of all, I see a lot of people have downloaded the recent app update, and that makes me really happy.  Thank you!  :)  I also see a few people have started taking advantage of the "Remove ads" feature.  Again, I say, thank you!  :)  In case it wasn't obvious, I'm a small time/amateur developer who writes apps mostly for fun.  It is not my main line of work.  And, since I haven't been getting very many jobs lately, every little bit of income helps.  So if you'd like to show your support, tapping that big shiny "Remove Ads" button would help me out a lot, and is very much appreciated.  :)

Also helpful is if you could rate the app and/or write a review.  Reviews really help people discover the app, especially now that the app store in effect "throws out" (doesn't count) reviews for an earlier version of an app whenever an update is posted.  Rating and/or reviewing the app is easy; from within the app, tap the Share button, then tap the "Rate/Review App button."  :)

Now, on to the purpose of today's post.  I saw that someone posted the following review for the app:

prefix not working...please fix 
by eXist

worked great. updated to new version, but prefix doesn't post. just the song name. please fix.

First of all, sorry that you are having trouble with the app, "eXist."  I try and test app updates as thoroughly as possible before releasing them, but unfortunately things slip through every now and then.  Still, that's a weird problem, and one that I have not run into; not to mention that prefix/suffix seems to be working for many other people as well.

It could be that the problem is that the song title and/or artist you're attempting to share is really long.  Because most sharing services have a limit as to the number of characters you can share, the app has to make certain decisions as to what information to add to what's being shared.  Since song title and artist are the most important (it is the whole reason you are sharing after all), they get top priority: Song title gets top priority, followed by artist.  Next comes the album art image; if you choose to share an album artwork image, the image link for that takes up some characters too, so the app has to allow for that.  After that, if there are any characters remaining, comes the prefix text, and finally the suffix text.  So, if the song title and/or artist you are trying to share is especially long, it's possible that the app only shares the title and artist.  So if you are having trouble with prefix and/or suffix text not showing up, try disabling the "include album artwork" feature; that will give you a little bit more breathing room.

In the future, I plan on making the sharing text much more user-configurable.  (For example, instead of "<artist> - <song title>" some people might prefer to use "<song title> by <artist>."  Or perhaps you just want to share the song title and leave the artist out.  And so on.  That may help in cases like this.

It's times like this when I really wish there was a way to respond to people who've written a review.  Apparently this is something that (at least some) Android app developers can do.  Until then, the best I can do is blog posts like this.  Is prefix and/or suffix text not showing up?  Or is the app working fine for you?  Please let me know by filling out the poll below.

Finally, thank you once again for downloading the app, purchasing add removal, and/or rating/reviewing the app.  You rock!

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