Getting closer...

Work on the next release of SongTweeter continues.  Today I thought I'd share a brief report, including screenshots!

IMG 1827

Here is the main app screen.  As you can tell it is looking a lot more iTunes-like.  The song/artist/album titles scroll if they are too big to fit, just like they do in the iTunes app.  The screen is dominated by the album art image of course.  Playback controls are fully functional.

The coghweel icon (top left) brings up a menu letting you see the About page as well as change app settings.  The speech bubble button (upper right) is now the main "share this" button.

The three buttons below the song info display are still placeholders and will be replaced by much nicer looking buttons in the final release. :)  The button on the left (the "+" button) lets you choose which songs you want to play (see below).  The button in the middle toggles repeat (off/all songs/single song) while the button on the right toggles shuffle mode.

IMG 1828

Here is the interface that lets you choose which songs to play.  You get complete access to the iTunes songs on your device, including access to albums, artistss, playlists, as well as other categories like Genres, Composers, etc.

IMG 1829

Tapping the share button brings up the iOS 6 sharing screen, and will let you share using any available service, including Twitter, Facebook Sina Weibo (if available to you), etc.  (And, yes, as you can tell, sharing is enabled; I was able to get it working.)

IMG 1830
IMG 1831

IMG 1832

Each sharing service gets its own dialog box.  (Unfortunately the sharing box doesn't include the nifty image preview, but as you can tell by the link, the image is in fact actually uploaded.)

IMG 1833
IMG 1834

Finally, here's something I thought up the other day.  If you switch out of the app, it will put a notification at the top of Notification Center, which lets you easily switch back to the app (by tapping on the notification).  This will probably be a user-configurable option.

Now, unfortunately, there is one bit of bad news.  Unless a major miracle happens and I suddenly get tons of free time to work on the app, I will probably NOT include an iPad-optimized UI with this next release of the app.  The iPad UI was kinda "meh" anyway.  I'll probably bring it back in a later release, but that won't be for a while.  The app itself will still function on iPads, using the iPhone app compatiblity mode (1x/2x).

Also you may notice that there aren't any ad banners in any of my screenshots.  I have disabled ad banners for testing purposes while working on the app.  As stated in an earlier post, once the app is available, it will still be free with in-app ads (just like it is now); however I will be including a new option to remove ads for a one-time fee of $0.99.  This ad removal applies across all your devices, so if you have more than one iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, you only need to pay the $0.99 once and that covers all of your devices.

As you can tell, work is progressing nicely.  I hope to have it out for release soon.  Stay tuned!

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