Bad news: the "Show in Notification Center" feature has been rejected

This morning I received the following email from Apple:

We found that your app uses public APIs with Notification Center in a manner not prescribed by Apple, which is not in compliance with the iOS Developer Program License Agreement, as required by the App Store Review Guidelines.

In particular, section 3.3.1 of the iOS Developer Program License Agreement specifies:

"Applications may only use Documented APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple and must not use or call any private APIs"

While your application may use public APIs such as Local Notifications to display content in Notification Center, the content displayed is not consistent with the purpose of Notification Center.

Specifically, your app creates a persistent 'link' notification when the app enters the background.

We appreciate that you may have made precautions in your code for using APIs in a manner not prescribed by Apple. However, it is not possible to accurately or completely predict how an API may be modified and what effects those modifications may have. For this reason, we do not permit non-prescribed uses of APIs in App Store apps.

If there are no alternatives for providing the functionality your app requires, we encourage you to file an enhancement request or work with the Apple Developer Technical Support team to explore alternative solutions.

So unfortunately it looks like they are unhappy with the "Show in Notification Center" feature.  While it does not violate any technical rules (I am only using public APIs) it apparently violates the "spirit" of how Apple wants Notification Center to be used.


I suppose I could submit an appeal or a enhancement request, but (A) that would probably take over 9000 years to go through the system, and (B) probably has about a snowball's chance in HE-double-hockey-sticks of success.  In either case, SongTweeter 2.0 is so much mo' better than 1.0, that I don't want to deprive you, the user, of these improvements while I go through a lengthy appeal process that probably won't work anyway.

So today I will be removing that feature (but not throwing away the code - I hope that one day Apple will come to its senses and let this useful feature through) and will resubmit the app.  Of course it'll probably take yet another 9000 years to reach the review process again…


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